Jenny (jennybaneni) wrote,

I cannot believe how kilig I am by this entire thing that I'm starting to get pretty embarrassed. But my God, it feels incredible. It's different you know. It's different now that I'm more aware. I'm more sensitive to what's going on inside me that it's just so much easier to get swept away by feelings like these. I'm not really too pleased about this TBH. Ego identification, I have realized yesterday, is ego identification no matter what sort of feelings it identifies with. Being asleep, wether be it something I like feeling or not, is not something I'm working towards.

I find it somewhat weird that it kinda doesn't matter to me if he has a girlfriend or not or if things indeed progress between us. Wait what, we're thinking about things progressing already? I just started talking to him yesterday. I cannot believe how happy I am about what happened. So I was in Museum Café with Jad, Anna, and Liza for the junior Spanish section meeting. He passed by and I flashed him this embarrassingly huge smile. I was happy
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