Jenny (jennybaneni) wrote,

I just talked to Kriya and I felt like crying half of the time. It's been quite a while. I'm at a loss for words. That always happens with him. I don't know why but what I have with Kriya is something that will always transcend words. What I have with him is so difficult to quantify. He's not a friend, a lover or a brother. He's so much more than all of those things. I think Kriya is the 1st person I have met that I don't feel any form separation from. The love we have for each other transcends any sort of quantifiable aspect of love (not that love is quantifiable in the first place). It's kinda like none of all the traditional notions of what love is and at the same time it all is like that. All I know is that he and I have massive karmic exchange in our previous lives.

I have also been reflecting on what Kriya said about me being a Taurus. Because my goodness, the bull has been rearing it's incredibly stubborn head. I have no idea why I keep on resisting all of this. I remember talking to Miqo and him telling me that he sees so much fire in me. He used the metaphor of a phoenix: I just totally consumed myself in frames and then completely transformed my entire being. He's right. But now I don't know why I'm having so much trouble walking my phoenix path.

Bheng too was right when she said that every single thing was just falling into place. Healing myself in Dumaguete by embracing the fact that I'm clairsentient and that I'm a healer, FC burning down, medical anthropology, all the lightwork --- I mean it's impossible to ignore this. I'm meant to do this and I'm meant to be here for the time being.

Oh but the ego is noisy. The ego talks about scarcity, fear, and separation which are all illusions. But thank God for my awareness. Because it honestly is the only thing that keeps me going whenever I feel so groundless. This -- all of these changes -- are all meant for me, for the evolution of my beautiful consciousness so I can help others heal.

Oh God. I'm gonna study medical anthropology. And then I'm gonna get my PhD. I am such a nerd. But really, is there any use resisting all of these things? All of my fears, no really all of them, what if they come true? What if they manifest? What would I do? What would I choose? I already know the answer to that. I'm going to choose love for myself and for others no matter how impossible. So yeah.

So yeah, Universe. I'm finally ready for my second MA degree, ahihihi. I'm ready to be a medical and linguistic anthropologist.
Tags: anthropology, healing, kriya, lightwork
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