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By line: because the tagline or the byline should be something like, something about it being feather light eh. Like allow your heart to be as light as a feather, or something like that, like that's the goal right. Because you want the people to know that when they come see you, they can feel better, they can feel lighter, stuff like that. And whatever that means.

I think it captures the whole grounded lightness thing Jammi said in her reading. It's all about weaving dreams and songs lightly, as in surrendering. But the element of weaving evokes grounding. So may magic flair dahil feather, ahahaha.

Pero di pa yan final. I just love that birds are feathers with bone and that stork has a piece of twig to bring back home for a nest.

the second one is a contact page, so this is where you can find me, so you can reach out to me, here's a contact form, you can find me on Instagram, you can find me on Facebook, blah blah.

And so we're going through the splash page, the contact page, and then there's a page for services. Right? So offer only 3 services at this time. So that's like reiki healing, past life healing, and tarot reading.

And then the next page should be testimonials from people, uh, so get from Maria, get from me, and, how many pages already?
Jenny: 4

And then the fifth page is ... it feels like ... ah, what to expect from a session. Right, to help people walk through it. And it's also going to help with the part of you that's like am I crazy?
Jenny: *laughs*
Jammi: So we'll meet up, I'll talk to you, we'll be at coffee shop or at your home whatever you're more comfortable with, it's a really brief run through of what it's like and say what they can expect from a session. Like explaining your process, like I connect to this, I listen to that, I channel this, by the end of the session ... for example if I was gonna do that I would say I'll meet you in a coffee shop and I listen to your angels and guides I would just repeat everything that they're saying. Depending on what you need from the session you might get a lot of "homework" in terms of what you need to do in order to create your destiny. And then the last page should be what is different, and this one feels like this should also have a lot of photos in this one in particular, but what is different with a session with you? Like what is a tarot reading with you like compared to what is expected? Not even other people eh. Like what you expect. So it could be like the fact. So I won't tell what's exactly gonna happen in the future because I firmly believe that this is ...

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What do I feel? I feel pretty lost. I feel dejected. Discouraged. Disempowered. Desperate. I feel so frustrated about not being able to sleep.

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Jammi and I had a conversation about mirrors before I left last June for the States. We talked about how our ‘Oneness’ unfolds and how we are all mirrors of and for each other. How and who we are with others mirror how and who we are to ourselves. Pema Chödrön explained it so eloquently:

Roshi Bernard Glassman is a Zen teacher who runs a project for the homeless in Yonkers, New York. Last time I heard him speak, he said something that struck me: he said he doesn’t really do this work to help others; he does it because he feels that moving into the areas of society that he had rejected is the same as working with the parts of himself that he had rejected.

Although this is ordinary Buddhist thinking, it’s difficult to live it. It’s even difficult to hear that what we reject out there is what we reject in ourselves, and what we reject in ourselves is what we are going to reject out there. But that, in a nutshell, is how it works. If we find ourselves unworkable and give up on ourselves, then we’ll find others unworkable and give up on them. What we hate in ourselves, we’ll hate in others. To the degree that we have compassion for ourselves, we will also have compassion for others. Having compassion starts and ends with having compassion for all those unwanted parts of ourselves, all those imperfections that we don’t even want to look at.

I remembered that passage as I found myself in front of the most breathtaking of mirrors: a tropical island beach at sunset. Bheng invited me to Laiya two days after arriving from the States. Among the waves I asked myself about the people, situations, and things I rejected, gave up on, and hated while I was away. How I received those people, situations, and things was ultimately how I received myself.

However, and for this I am deeply grateful, our capacity to reflect each other’s shadow is just as much as our capacity to reflect each other’s light. I was reminded of this Truth in California, Oregon, Washington, and Louisiana. Light was reflected back to me by Colt and Dyan in San Diego. By Ethan, John, Tita Grace and Tito Junjun in Los Angeles. By Brent, Josine, Mamang (my grandmother was the biggest star of my trip), Taylor, Tron, Tita Joy, and Tito Lito in San Francisco. By Anthony and Olive in Portland. And by Ann, Daniel, Kitty, Kriya, Liz, Mary-Pat, Mandala, Trisha, and Tara in Seattle. Thank you for reflecting so much love and kindness. My heart feels incredibly tender for having spent time with all of you. I feel fortunate to have been included in your lives. Taos puso akong nagpapasalamat sa inyong lahat. <3

I saw Jammi to talk about mirrors again last Sunday and I renewed my commitment to be as compassionate and as loving as I can be to myself as I told her about trip. Since we are all mirrors of and for each other, my beloved family and friends deserve no less.

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My dearest Jen of 2013,

I started to cry the moment Jammi told me to write to you. Right there and then I felt the infinite love I have for you. I knew that all I have to do really was look at you to find my healing.

Thank you for loving the me, the Jen of 2016, as much as you did. I have no idea where you found the blinding courage and strength to go through what you went through. I admire the way you so proactively took charge of your healing. I remember you going online, finding all of those books, reading while crying through all of those books, and, with every fiber of your being, putting all of those theories in action no matter how excruciating.

It was beautiful watching you fight against the resistance to open your heart to slowly fill it with grace and love. Jen, goodness, I have no idea how you did it. I'm in complete awe that you managed to get yourself through 2013, 2014, and 2015 on your own. It was just you and your beautiful heart.

I remember the time you were going home from FC sometime in late 2013 and early 2014. You thought you were having a conversation with yourself but looking back now I know you were talking with your angels. I am alone you said to which your angels replied: You have yourself. That is enough. And then I remember a deep sense of calm settled within you because you connected to the truth that your Higher Self holds true.


Asahan mong itutuloy ko, ang Jen ng 2016, ang laban para sa yo at sa mga susunod pang mga Jen. I will fight for you as bravely as you fought for me. Mahal na mahal kita.


I have no more words at the moment. This feels exactly like when Kriya and I are asked to define who we are to each other. We just have no words for it.

But this will be done every month during the full moon.

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Miqo sent me a message tonight.

Hi Jenny! As the first day of the year, let me gift you a simple intuitive message:

You were thrown, pushed, pulled, shaped, broken, reshaped, and hurled. The Moon embraces you. The Sun heals you. The Universe collects you now. Everyone, like a thousand angels, whispers in your ear, "Well done." It is time. You are ready.

Happy New Year kindred spirit! Thank you for existing in this lifetime and timeframe with me. I love you!


Wow, I survived all of that. I cannot stop crying.

Handa na ko.